Established in 2004, NLM Marketing is a full line retail and food service Broker in the Northeast, with retail & merchandising support in NY, NJ, CT, and PA

Throughout the years NLM Marketing has established extensive relationships with the leading distributors that have helped propel many products in becoming household name brands. Our staff consist of professionals with extensive experience in the Meat, Dairy, Frozen, Deli and Seafood categories. NLM and its staff have become the link between Manufactures, Packers, Distributors and owners/managers of Key Retailers.

NLM has found that with rising operational and sales costs, we could provide an external retail support team that you can count on. We will become the extension of your company and brand through PO Processing, POS Marketing, Order Taking, and Merchandising. With diverse experiences in the local trade and a clear understanding of product placement, we can guide you through the proper distribution channels.

At NLM, we pride ourselves as a leading Sales & Marketing company, Brand Managing Specialist and Sales Gurus. We are not your everyday Brokers! With a Team of experts we can help your product reach the hands of the consumer, The Real Decision Maker! Every product has a consumer, it's all about how you go to Market!